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redmic prokectThe RedMic project is financed by FORMAS over the four year period 2013 to 2017 and aims at identifying critical organic micropollutants emitted from on-site sewage treatment facilities (OSSFs) and provides new science based reduction tools and reduction strategies. Nearly 700 000 private households in Sweden are not connected to any central wastewater treatment plat and emissions of organic micropollutants from OSSFs are largely unknown.

RedMic hypothesizes that OSSFs provide a large share of overall diffuse emissions of mircropollutants to surface and ground waters. The main objectives of the RedMic project are thus to:

I. Identify and quantify emissions of micropollutants from OSSFs
II. Develop and evaluate novel innovative small scale sewage treatment techniques
III. Idendtify sources of relevant micropollutants emitted from private households
IV. Suggest an efficient strategy for reduction of diffuse emissions from private households

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