WP5 - Risk perception and regulatory strategies

Participating scientists: Misse Wester KTH (leader), Annika Nilsson UU

Issues of risk perception, responsibility and the perceived effectiveness of reduction strategies are of vital importance to investigate from the perspective of individuals.
A study on the relevant actors' perceptions of risk and incentives will be carried out in relation to diffuse emissions from private households and OSSFs. The specific areas under study will include a number of different households, e.g. summerhouse areas, ecovillages, and permanent residents in rural settings. A critical study of the existing regulatory order will also be carried out, in order to assess the potential for regulatory steering of developing OSSFs as proposed in the study. Especially the limits of reasonableness and proportionality in the regulatory steering of private persons will be discussed and reflected on in context of steering through economic incentives and information. The potential for such regulatory steering, and the appropriate coordination with other measures, will be discussed in comparison to alternatives regulatory strategies, including especially upstream regulatory control of chemicals including the REACH legislation.