WP6 - Synthesis and dissemination of results

Participating scientists: Patrik Andersson UMU (leader), all project members.

A huge amount of data will be compiled in WPs 1-5 covering a large range of aspects on emissions from OSSFs. These will be synthesized in WP6 and dissemination will be coordinated.
Data integration and synthesis of the interdisciplinary knowledge generated in RedMic will form the corner stone for suggesting decision support strategies for management of diffuse emissions from OSSFs. This will be done with a step-wise systems analysis approach starting with
1) definition of system boundaries
2) selection of criteria covering ecological, economical and social dimensions
3) selection and formulation of different possible options for reducing MPs including source control, changes in human behavior and technical improvements,
4) comparison of the different options using the criteria from step 1. The comparison will be done using substance flow-, cost- and energy analysis and also qualitative assessment. Finally, in step 4, a multi-criteria analysis will be used for an integrated assessment of all dimensions to reach a decision support system.